night shift

the stars are clocking in
again, twinkled noses set
to grindstones. wishing
moments. filing away
the hours.

bathed in shine,
we praise the darkness
full of shadowed
and other unquiet
matters of the heart.

that swollen misfit moon
a work of art.

I’m late to the party for this week’s Quadrille, where Lisa has a great word for us.
Come (work and) play!

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10 Responses to night shift

  1. coalblack says:

    Ah, we used very similar titles, mine being “Night Work”. GMTA?


  2. msjadeli says:

    De, never considered it before, but the night shifters must be very well-acquainted with the moon. Glad you could join in on the prompt. “bathed in shine” what a great line

  3. This IS a work of art, De!

  4. Oh I love that swollen misfit of a moon.

  5. As Bjorn commented, that swollen misfit of a moon was a delight!

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