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Of death, and days

(for my great-grandmother) And crabapple orchards and hand-carved woodtravel souvenirs and decades-oldhard candies in delicate dishes. Named Pearl,she did both agitateand shine. Her noodles were legendary.(I got sick on them once,and that was the end of that.) Her crooked old … Continue reading

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Quickly, Quickly Now.

Come in, come in! We’ve got phrasal funand tasty bunsboth hai- and cinnamon. We’ve got windchimesand silly rhymesand muddy iambic feet, some words to spillsome space to fill,a whole fresh day to greet. Come with us down this rabbit hole(we’re … Continue reading

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Square One 

Except (accept) that it’s a circle, really,more hula-hoop than hopscotch.  We’ve been herea time or two, my friend,where both the mad and the merry go ’round.  And so we spin.  Begin, again.  :: In November, we poem.

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last call for a wayward moon

Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start…– The Sound of Music Closing time, every new beginningcomes from some other beginning’s end.– Semisonic :: she orders a whiskey, neat(there’s enough that’s on the rocks)and floats alone … Continue reading

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