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this poem is made of maple syrup sky and black forest on rye and the whispered why of granulated grace.  of empty space. of quiet lines that trail true north, wax forth and waneonly by a frosted slice of moon.  too soon, she’ll murmur something in … Continue reading

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Commanding Clouds 

If you’re gonna poke a stick at the sky, you’d better chant a bit and sell a little of your soul.  There’s a slow pre-thunder roll that says we asked for this,that bliss is just the other side of broken -open clouds. That rain bows to … Continue reading

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Taste and See 

The day’s spilled overlike a tipped cup of honied tea, and we’ve run out of words. Of time.  The moon: a lemon lollyor a wintergreen lozenge we long to melt on hungry tongues.  :: In November, we poem.

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