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Miss Guiding Light 

That fat full wily wench is a liar, you know.  She steals (light) our hearts And makes us feel infinite. Plot  twist: We’re not.  ::In November, we poem.

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Mad ©Hatterbox Poem

This poem will not stop spilling. It’s thrilling, really if you can keep up. She can’t shut her trap to save her life. Words every -where. She says drink meand we do, because she is both decadent and true  and all things in between. As well as … Continue reading

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truer than north, yet un 

so we’ve gone whatcha might call a fur piece before we realize we’re  following the wrong star. this one’s fallen, see, and we didn’t notice  the shards or the backwards breezeor the way the trees were trying all  this time to warn … Continue reading

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