Mad ©Hatterbox Poem

This poem will not stop 
spilling. It’s thrilling, 

if you can keep up. She 
can’t shut her trap to save 
her life. Words every

-where. She says drink me
and we do, because she is 
both decadent and true 

and all things in between. 
As well as late for tea. See? 
She’s all blah-blah-blah 

and hurrah and hallelujah
and if you listen carefully 
she speaks three (maybe four?)

languages. Including Braille. 
She’ll leave a trail of dots and 
dashes, hashtag slashes 

and vernacular glee. (She
also speaks moon.) Don’t 
ask her any questions 

or you’ll never get out of here; 
she’s locked into high 
gear for good (and evil.) 

She’s like the Energizer (Q)bunny
poem, even when she’s running 
out of rhythm and rhyme. 

(Remember, you can stop 
reading, anytime.) 

But then she’ll wink and say 
come hither, my phraseology 
might be all in a dither 

but I’ve got some stars to shine 
into your day. A fallen one. A broken 
’nother. A golden sun. A crescent mother. 

Shall we dance in their shine? I’ll save you 
one for sweeping, one for safe keeping. And 
one just to say you’re mine. 

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9 Responses to Mad ©Hatterbox Poem

  1. neil reid says:

    What’s not to like (love) about this poem. Surprised & delighted several times. Right on the mark (prompt) in every way. Well chatted indeed, an exercise watching itself in the mirror… and oh yea, whatever else it might say of itself – it’s a love poem actually. A regular valentine.

  2. Kir Piccini says:

    Just as kooky and creative and careening as my thoughts on any given day.
    DRINK ME. And we do!


  3. barbcrary says:

    Wow! SO much fun to read!

  4. Debi says:

    A pleasure to read… and also “She’ll leave a trail of dots and
    dashes, hashtag slashes and vernacular glee.” Wonderful

  5. Misky says:

    What a fun romp!

  6. Jules says:

    ‘languages. Including Braille.
    She’ll leave a trail of dots and
    dashes, hashtag slashes ‘

    I liked it all, but that verse stood out! 😀

  7. qbit says:

    “vernacular glee” – awesome.

  8. Marie Elena says:

    This is just more fun than a girl should have in a given day! Hurray! Oh to pick your poetry brain somehow!

  9. Ron. says:

    Well done, perfect chatterboxian ramblification. YAY!

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