aubade (in the key of d)


morning breaks 
her open, flames 
too soon. she’s 

already mourning

and a sinking 

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3 Responses to aubade (in the key of d)

  1. qbit says:

    In the key of “De” for sure.

    • Shawna says:

      Yes, and I love how she set the scene by telling us she was a minor. It makes me imagine she was with an older boy who might have taken and abandoned, making her feel like a minor character in her own story. That makes “stars” take on another meaning too. Perhaps he was 18 and she was 14 and everyone at school was talking about it, even though he wouldn’t talk to her at all. That fragile, that young — that does a lot of damage.

      That’s just what I see.

  2. Ali Grimshaw says:

    I just love this, especially the trembling ending.

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