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Things We Said in the Storm 

The sky’s a hurry-cane scrim,but we’re still scribbling light-ning above the din.  We promised ourselves we wouldn’t hide, even as the cloud cauldron stirred.  And when we thought we might run out of time, we plucked our own feathers to write these lines.  :: In … Continue reading


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Chaos Theory 

We wreck and tangle caw and crow  wreak hairy havoc in the attic  break and bury straw and other gold  until it sings.  We test the waters(all consuming, sky-vacuuming), hang our hats on the tattered thrones  of misers, able kings.  ::Quickly, day 11.

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Sky Shenanigans

We’ve already swallowed a big ol’ slice of that lemon yellow sun; now we’re gonna sip some milky moon and scare us up some fun.  ::In November, we poem.

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