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a story held tight in syllabled fist 

see, here’s the gist: this poem does not want to be told. she’s holding it all in way too close to feathered chest assuming playing dumband stumbled silence bestfor flying below the radar, or snow.  see, here’s the ghost: of chance, she cannot speak. it’s been a week … Continue reading


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feather story 

we ponder flutter,loss, caws(and effect), and the way it falls        down      downdown.  ::In November, we poem.

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oh, blackbird with a crooked wing 

all broken midnight feathered thing, shall you only sigh to sky? i crimp your caw to heart and i  long to loan you sting of bee and yawn of moonor paper dragon fire, the bold desire to build your           (wings)    self of steam.  ::It’s Quadrille Monday over at dverse, … Continue reading

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Genus (a whole ’nother Species) Bar 

Took the Apple in (cuz locked passwords, swear words, error message number bah-de-bah).  Smart Guy sez there are cookies involved (or was it pastries?) and have I turned them on(what, with my pasties, perhaps?) and also have I             (cracked up) (yes) backed up        (ohhh.) (yeah, no.) my phyl-ums? Of course I have not, because I … Continue reading

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flower story (and other morning glories) 

she’s the stuff of wishing fluff, of whim wind-roared to sky.  :: In November, we poem.

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