The Sun’s a Golden Lozenge 

And there’s a croak 
in my throat 
and so 
from now on I shall speak only 
in braille, 
the ache of words unspoken
the frail flurry of feathers
the echo of this bright sky. 

I know the chance I’m taking
but it’s a choice I’m making
just in case the trees might
answer me
in the cracked voice of sigh

Quickly, day 17.

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3 Responses to The Sun’s a Golden Lozenge 

  1. qbit says:

    Damn that’s good!

  2. neil reid says:

    Beautiful. You’re a half-twist away from how my mind goes farming for words. How refreshing for me to see out from other windows like you do. Thanks would be right to say.

  3. Jules says:

    I think these words reflect my MIL’s attitude in her later years.
    Though at some point when she told others she wouldn’t speak to them again if certain names were mentioned… that she cut off her nose to spite her face.

    ‘from now on I shall speak only
    in braille, ‘

    I’ve always thought it might be good to learn braile. I wonder how that would translate to PC useage. I remember seeing a show where the daughter had a special braille typewriter to write to her relative… *sigh*

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