Rubbing our back legs together to make this poem 

It all started with a cricket. 

We found it in the thicket 
(over there, by the stairs).

We heard they were good 
luck, and so we sat down 

and struck up a dialogue,
as directed by the bees. 

Then a baby snail slugged 
by and since it’s now 4:35, 

we know we’ve gotta fly 
before the bloodstream beats 
the breeze. It’s a singular 

and now we’re having 
a Hallelu-cination. 

I cannot be held responsible for this one. There was a word list, and too much coffee.
Quickly day 18.

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2 Responses to Rubbing our back legs together to make this poem 

  1. That sounds like such a perfect day outside enjoying the fresh air and nature

  2. Jules says:

    Nature can be delightful and amuzing! Stay with it – being out and about that is!

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