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myths of moon 

i.we call her full. we name her half. as if she hasn’t stolen every last thing she’s got from that ball of fire.  ii.we swoon as she rises, knowing she will leave us again. knowing starsare not enough. knowingshe’s the stuff of wild. of wolf. of buck.  … Continue reading


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The mind does wander 

As I ponder “In God we trust” and the white house columns thrusting up to sky.  E Pluribus Unumand other speaking in (foreign) tongues.  The way Mr. Jackson is side eyeing my fuzz,and other pocket foundlings.  And I know Andrew (we’re on a first-name basis, now, my friend) won’t … Continue reading

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The Myth of Gravity 

She wonders, are we told that we will fall so we won’t fly?  Stretches out her newborn wingsand kisses sky.  ::In November, we poem.

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