Not Quite Hanging Stars

Remember how only the Bumble 
could reach the top of the Christmas tree 
to put up the star? 

This is like that, except I’m not tall and 
I don’t hang stars or (come to think of it) 
light anything at all. 

And I could let that get to me if I thought
about it too much but we all find our 
tiny ways to shine. And like

the Bumble, I bounce. Pivot. Glow with the
flow. And I guess everybody’s got their 
superpower. This one’s mine. 


Quickly, day 21.

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4 Responses to Not Quite Hanging Stars

  1. It’s a swell distinction for you

  2. barbcrary says:

    Glow with the flow. Love it!

  3. qbit says:

    Your stars shine brightly here!

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