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“Anyone can slay a dragon …but try waking up every morning and loving the world all over again. That’s what takes a real hero.” – Brian Andreas (Kai Sky)  :: Hitch a ride on that humming wing, glance up at all those remaindered stars, the … Continue reading

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Icarus Waning 

I know the feeling, Sir.  Of chutzpah,hubris, and unheeded warnings.  Of flapping full tilt into a too-bright sun.  .  Of falling  in love with this broken (open) sky.  ::In November, we poem.

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Origami Paper Passed in Bio 101 

This is not a love poem.  I don’t care how many          (red, red) roses you send or ways you countor   (loves me, loves me) knots you tie or body electrics you sing.  See, here’s the thing: (the root of root andbud of bud and what -not)  (what passions, … Continue reading

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