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The Sun’s Up Again  And the world keeps turning and the sky keeps squawking and I swear you  just keep talking, while the geese fly by like little white lies.  Catch one for me, and wring its neck.  I dare you.  ::In November, we poem.

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The Fox & the Gazelle 

(Do tell.)  :: They gaze and graze and guzzle,stopping over the winter stream.  Somebody wished on a star, but put a stopper in the jar.  Don’t ask the geese, they’ve got enough flop. (Full stop.) Corn popsthen stops.   How do I love … Continue reading

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True North and Other Quiet Lies 

The compass says we’re therebut I still feel the pull of something greater, some crater in my soul that says we’ve got a ways to go.  We wake. We give. We grieve. We take. We’re born. We mourn all those livesthat could be ours.  And we … Continue reading

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