The Fox & the Gazelle 

(Do tell.) 


They gaze and graze and guzzle,
stopping over the winter stream. 

Somebody wished on a star, 
but put a stopper in the jar. 

Don’t ask the geese, they’ve 
got enough flop. (Full stop.)

Corn pops
then stops.  

How do I love these? Let 
me stop this bullybreeze. 

Keep the change, I’m 
all soul-shopped out. 

I’ve got this, and
how. Stop it now. 

Quickly, day 29.

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2 Responses to The Fox & the Gazelle 

  1. qbit says:

    “How do I love these? Let
    me stop this bullybreeze. ” – Damn.

  2. s.s. says:

    All soul shopped out! Love it!

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