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folding, fitted

  morning. i am still listening to the moon. when we cannot find the day’s center, we change the sheets, create a ballooned fort of warmth and clothes-pinned sun. nothing else is solvable or solvent, perhaps. but we marvel in … Continue reading

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Chameleon Moon

She winks and mocks from a curious sky, golden one moment, silver the next and trying hard to play peek-a-blue with all these clueless clouds. She’s a wily one, and before you can quite catch her, fetch her, she changes … Continue reading

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tiny poem

.. just a line or two clacked against all this busy breeze. .. prompted by poetic asides

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shhhhh…there’s only time for tiny poems

and so she clacks a wee small bit of black in the margins. smudge. sway. it is no great secrecy that she wishes for more, longs to store the rest of the world away and shout the things on her bursting heart. … Continue reading

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starting small

today is for short runs and tiny poems and small change, pondering the sky turning slate gray and listening to my pup snore. it’s chai tea and breathing, believing small starts are okay, and that God’s more than faithful to … Continue reading

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.. Ok, fine. I’ll toe the line and ice the knee. I’ll honor sore joints and tired soul and every third twinge. I’ll acknowledge that I’m no longer seventeen, cassette tapes rocking to the road’s dashed lines. I’ll define myself … Continue reading

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where we left off

.. they scoffed at us for swallowing that sun -flower dream, for holding our breaths in the snow. we’ve gathered so much more than loose-leaf scenes; we know these syllables might just stand on their own. and so we pick … Continue reading

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