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Recipe for Disaster

(and other just desserts) .. The world is made of cheese. Okay, not really. But won’t somebody please fill all these holes with pimentos or pistachios or something? It’s nuts, the way we spin about and shout our art (i … Continue reading

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grape tomatoes and goat cheese

mmmm… just these, please. and maybe some arugulalala, and a gentle sprinkle of candied ……………….nuts.     .

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Spicy Pavement

My driveway’s feeling saucy, man -go habanero, to be exact. Wash it all down in rivers, mourn heat lost, shattered shards of nothing gained. …Opened the back hatch of my SUV after a Costco run yesterday, and an entire bottle … Continue reading

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….. We leave out the graham cracker and get straight to the ooey-gooey goodness. Stoke the fire, love. Scorch your mallow just right. Slip a sliver of chocolate (dark or light) right into the center, then s’moosh the whole thing … Continue reading

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Swedish Pancakes

She browns them so thin you can see through them, then fills and folds them over t u c k s but the sweet goodness in the middle spills out over the edges unable to be contained. I can still … Continue reading

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