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she breathed in blue

…and then, she came home.   …

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flotation devices

… some things are not meant to be used. (unthrown stones, dusty mirrors, aching sky) but left to her own, she is simply learning the intricate architecture of these landlocked limbs.   ..

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Something {She} Knew

She rings it in bright, right happy and hopeful and full of good cheer and surrounded by love and laughter. She rings it in true, blue, knowing there will be tears and heart cracks and switchbacks and wrong turns and … Continue reading

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blue, by You

.. grace is the face of golden sky of places where Lake greets land in a stony kiss, where bliss is breathing believing in indigo spill and that sacred will win over all. it’s the graffiti-etched awe of driftwood scarred … Continue reading

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