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The Mermaid Maiden of the Mojave 

She comes in finand fire, a dust cloud of reality and a wave of want. A siren  song with creosote roots.A tail spangled in crushed crimson stone. She comes  alone, but I know there must be more, and some oasis where they all might  swim. … Continue reading

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She has not thought this poem through.

; It has no pondered purpose. No prayer. No be -ginning, midd -led end. But the phrase indoor fins wanted a place to be, so she builds it a word-salted home, a storm drain, a sea. .. The phrase ‘indoor fins’ … Continue reading

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unpocketed wild

child , can’t you see our shackles (these chains, the sky) have fallen? in the swollen swell of silence and your eyelash flutter, I shuttered my indigo fingers, my gills and scales and skin. the sky’s an ocean. these legs … Continue reading

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Keep This Under Your Skin

(As Deep As That Dark Blue Sea) ………….(An American Sentence)   .. ::…..We’re sharing salt again, waiting for the sky to solve these too small dreams.…..::

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Mermaids Don’t Wear Pants

… If (perchance) you see her just out and about flouting the fin -ality of all, the spin and swim of be -ginnings and blendings, do not be amazed dis/Mayed or chaos-crazed by her bare and intricate deep, the quiet … Continue reading

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fin ally

… this maid? she’s mer. see her spangled tail, her eyelash salt? she swims, she skims the surface with her syll -ables and song. give her a moon spilled dark, the quiet spark of waking sun. she’ll thread her lack … Continue reading

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Mermaid Soul

.. When it’s fin -ally time for her to go, just dip her ….. in ……….indigo.       . Prompted by OctPoWriMo, day 8. 

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not night magic

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(a found poem) .. I was a sprinter, an old poem in need of revision; too many straws, not enough scarecrows. I remember the color of sorrow, sorcery, …..sorry spilled on bar napkins, Moses on the mountain, communion for one. … Continue reading

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