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Come Again, and Soon

.. We woo that wild and wily moon, ask her to stay. Her visits are brilliant, short, and waning. We whine. Try to wine and dine her with burgundy clouds, ebony scrim. She turns in her dark dress, golden tresses … Continue reading

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Pay No Attention To This Ordinary Tuesday

.. Watching the moon slice open the sky, she is still shadow -boxing her own smile.   .. twiglet #53.   

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borrowed shine

.. this poem steals her sheen from moon. she waxes, wanes and leaves too soon.   .. Poetic Asides November Chapbook Challenge, day 26. 

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Pondering the if of you, and smiling.

.. There’s a moon out, see? And she’s a busy-body. In no time she’ll span this great vast sky and you and I will still be sitting here, and that’s okay by me. I’ve got ghosts, but you’ve held them … Continue reading

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When Words Crowd an Indifferent Sky

… Open to a whisper-kick? Let’s cue these shadowclouds, breeze-spark bliss stormspill-sky. Ghosts’ll giggle, twist-spring flickerfear this bubbleballoon moon. She’ll dream -drizzle-dance you still, echo-skip breeze; journey free. We spice hope, dawn-dream, spark-spring-forward. Shimmer -grin-green, cue curled-breath. Lull death’s creak. … Continue reading

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Distant Stars

…   Struck, we recruit that most madly moon ….(magnetic in her cloudy sway) to deem us worthy of our carbon, our base, our centers, our side -real longings. She’s a powdered compact, a mask we choose to pull from … Continue reading

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spicing the moon

tonight she’s all cinnamon-simmer, a saffron-shimmer in a cardamom sky. melt her center, spent. bent towards some semblance of jazz -mine grace, her face a swollen slice of stolen nutmeg pie. sprinkle her in crater -cradled stars. sp(l)ice her soul … Continue reading

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