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spicing the moon

tonight she’s all cinnamon-simmer, a saffron-shimmer in a cardamom sky. melt her center, spent. bent towards some semblance of jazz -mine grace, her face a swollen slice of stolen nutmeg pie. sprinkle her in crater -cradled stars. sp(l)ice her soul … Continue reading

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Moon Mother

.. she’s a sweet old golden grandmother in an embroidered jacket, all pale blond pigtails and plush mouth plumped for kisses. teacher of all things celestial and falling. she’s the penny you saved, the drop of water earned. the thumbprint … Continue reading

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Throwing Stones at Wayward Thrones

.. We are the princesses of ice and fire and fog and fluff. We have had enough of your glass …………(ceilings) slippers and your velvet chairs not meant for sitting and your golden stair demands of our locks. Your frocks … Continue reading

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scribbling her in full

.. the moon’s a jellyfish, tentacled in stars , a po(e)t of ice jam, waiting to be spooned.     twiglets #41.     

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I Am a Star of Dubious Shine

… A poem of question -able alignment. I am bic ker(n)ing with my own skin, beginning to find my self fallen. I am 5am and light not yet shed and salt stirring sans sea. I am three sheets ………(of paper) … Continue reading

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conjuring a smile

.. see the sleight ………(chance) of rain, the way the clouds abracadabra the sky into spell -ing her own name in slanted syllables, press ……..-toed and pulled loose by the alchemy of nothing. the moon’s an old crone stirring up … Continue reading

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more than blue

… call her ish {mael}, tired of waiting,de -bating breath and sigh -lence. call her boneless courage, be -friended skin, beginning of sacred sky. squall her a storm, some salt she might shed, a day she might dread turned to … Continue reading

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