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anyone’s any was all to her

and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart:  when you sing in your whisky voice when the world is mud-luscious, the little bird by snow and stir by stillwhen the world is puddle-wonderful he sang his didn’t he danced his did. … Continue reading

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a faithful family. a good map jaunt. her dad’s green eyes. her mama’s smile.  the firmest of foundations. a fair shake, a good start.  butsometimes she carries her gifts like burdens,small curse words on curious tongue:  fingers that crave ink,and a two-sizes-too-big … Continue reading

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giggle bliss

A “concrete” poem for NaPoWriMo, day 28. I LOVE concrete poems, but have neither the time nor knowledge today to make one on WordPress or a Word doc. This, this…a magnetic poetry offering, screenshot. 😉

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(a sonnet variation called a “duplex”)  :: I am a swirling alphabet storm. Nobody knows the order of this chaos.                         The order of chaos is unknown, even to me.                        The key is making sense of all the spaces in between.  The … Continue reading

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Epic S(i)mile 

Yours is as that crescent moon broken open for a star-freckled waiting sky. Like a golden river flowing through the black of night,the sacred borrowed light of sun. You’ve spun-sugar waxed me giddy-gibbous into risen glee. You grin, and I’m robed in lunacy.  ::Day 26 … Continue reading

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The Mermaid Maiden of the Mojave 

She comes in finand fire, a dust cloud of reality and a wave of want. A siren  song with creosote roots.A tail spangled in crushed crimson stone. She comes  alone, but I know there must be more, and some oasis where they all might  swim. … Continue reading

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Poem with Gum on its Shoe 

So it’s dawn and you and I are watching that fat sun smudge on up like an eager preschooler went to town with his Yellow-Orange Crayola and the sea air smells like some yahoo  boiled a lobster yesterday and forgot to throw the (bath)water out with … Continue reading

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Snap Dragons 

We tried giving them buttons,but they melted those in no time. The zippers were a disaster, as they already had enough teeth. Buckles were troubleand lace ties were – no surprise – not much help, either. The brooches looked ridiculous. Pins seemed promising until they didn’t. And so just like thatwe allowed them to snap. … Continue reading

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repeat, after me 

in 1990, we said “i do.”  you didn’t. i did.  for several years i vowed to lie here another make you stay. to make you pay. to get away.  ibid. ibid. ibid. :: Day 22 for NaPoWriMo.

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Happy Trails 

Ainsley was only 3, and she called me ‘Misty,” because I guess when you’re 3 your preschool  teacher ‘Miss De’ sounds like ‘Misty.’ And she’d be about 38 years old now and sometimes I want to tell her I still feel Misty. … Continue reading

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