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Dragon Fodder

I’m quite certain I shall be delicious, all crunchy toasted marshmallow center. But first, you exquisite beasty, let’s dance. For I have ever been more enamored of your scaly sway than a thousand simpering princes. You lead. I’ll stay. I … Continue reading

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paper scissors

they don’t cut much, or deep, and they keep tearing. their edges are ragged and worn as my own. but i am convinced if i let them flap in the breeze long enough, they might cover me, rock my inky … Continue reading

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When Words Crowd an Indifferent Sky

… Open to a whisper-kick? Let’s cue these shadowclouds, breeze-spark bliss stormspill-sky. Ghosts’ll giggle, twist-spring flickerfear this bubbleballoon moon. She’ll dream -drizzle-dance you still, echo-skip breeze; journey free. We spice hope, dawn-dream, spark-spring-forward. Shimmer -grin-green, cue curled-breath. Lull death’s creak. … Continue reading

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This Sky’s Got Bruises, Scars

.. The clouds are playing rugby again, scrum-scumbled into teams, scrambling for their silver linings. Move along now; these primo seats are ours. You’re dreaming if you think there’s a winner. Nothing to see here but sleepy wayward sheep shadow-baying … Continue reading

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kick me

.. this poem wears a sign on its skeletal back: attack me if you will, but bring donuts, gin or rum -bled phrase, something I can sink my tangoed teeth into. something that just might stick. hey, bartender, quick – … Continue reading

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To Do List for a Fall(ing) Afternoon

… Watch these old bones moan and creak; watch the moon wreak havoc on this scarred sky. Watch the birds never worry. Watch the scurry of feet. The beat of heart. Start somewhere. Hold never on your tired tongue. Speak … Continue reading

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two ghost moon girls, clad only in snow and silence

… we dance in bubbled skin, gossamer-grin shimmered strong; twist all day long with clouds. spill loud. we giggle, spring-drizzle our storm-bliss on hungry tongues; spice sky with jars of whisper. kiss dawn. we’re (wanted) haunted shadow-souls breathed brilliant blue … Continue reading

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