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Leave your cares behind 

, at the Careen Canteen. Zip-zoom into something sipped, from sun-kissed chamomile tea to rum -bled phrase on the rocks, times three.  Come on in, here’s a g(r)inwith a hint of wry.  Before last call, we’ll shakeit all (fears, hope) into a slow-stirred sky.  It’s Quadrille Monday at dVerse, and … Continue reading

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purple diamond delirious

Quadrille #2. Come play! Play magnetic poetry here.     

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Borrowed Light

Even  After All this time The Sun never says to the Earth, “You owe me.” Look What happens With a love like that, It lights the whole sky. ― Hafiz  .. … We wonder if we’ll ever get the hang of … Continue reading

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Eve’s Dropping

And that full fierce moon is rising again, untying again, setting herself loose, a balloon unstringed. She’s got a whole new helium-heck of hallowed …………………..(waning) reasons why , and those trees are setting their limbs for (l)eavesdropping, finding new space … Continue reading

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ambivalent bumfuzzled poet

.. i just don’t wanna play today                   (no way), just wanna sit on my bum and say     (oh, hey!) let’s build a blankey fort and doodle away some time, … Continue reading

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searching for color in a desert world

this is no garden place, these terra cotta hills and mountain face. she aches for blue beyond this sky, some rainbow’d why. but still she finds a slip of pink to fuel her ink; a bramble of crimson, that golden … Continue reading

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poem reparations

she wishes she could fix her muse, air her out in clothes-pinned sunshine, breeze away these blues. perhaps she’ll braid her through dragonclouds or button her to the moon. here, won’t you glue her brittle-broken pieces, shake them loose, fasten … Continue reading

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a wish, a rant, a roar

.. a small stirring in the slow hollows of her bones. a hallowed breath of broken wayward shaken sky. a sigh. a song. the long long stretch of day. a freckled thought that says she is ungrowing. a fraction caught … Continue reading

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Because I have not had my fill of falling

  , I am taking off my shoes and standing barefoot at the edge of it all once again, shouting nonsense-something to my echo-self and asking her to keep me company, fill this lonely void with laughter’s roar until the … Continue reading

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daisies raising faces to a star-spilled sky

go ahead, please. keep the world at bay while i bray at this moon. the sky’s got a crazy way of healing me at center, a tune that’s set to stun – the only one that can uncrumple my petaled … Continue reading

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