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Aubade for the A.M.

… Morning breaches too soon, and the moon bids us farewell. That tangerine swell from the east says night has fallen to the other side, pried its dark hands from this horizon. We sway north, question our own salt, and … Continue reading

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tempest dragon

… she’s a perfect storm -jar, leaves torn from her own ghost -journey with a twist-curl-skip-melt-spill from whisperwindow s(t)ill. she’ll giggledance you a new shimmer-spark-song-dawn, the long -drizzle-spring of shadowballoon. her rose-petal wings echo-breathe the sound of open cloudbreeze, lull … Continue reading

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.. She blames the rain {again}. A gain of drop on skin; a loss of something more. The sky is broken open, full of bruises, old songs. She’s waiting for the sun to sigh, tell her how to feel again, … Continue reading

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Indigo Swallows All The Words

.. We dance. And the sky’s a journey-jar twisted shadow-open, rose-lulled to grin by ghostdawn spring. It drizzles, still, a sound that cues breath, skip-spark twists green. Leaves bubbleclouds to melt in scar-curl sun. That spill-shimmer moon? She’s a whimper-whisper, … Continue reading

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What Went Wayward

… Blame the rain. The way it slant-slid off this damn tin roof, the way we laughed (slippery, only slightly sane) at all the things we thought we knew. Listen to the sound ………..(advice) of silence. Then, blame the stupid … Continue reading

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Tao of Trees

… If we fall and make a slight sound and no one’s around, will our wisdom go to waste, just be erased? If we offer our skins for your unquiet songs, won’t you bid us to raise our own limbs, … Continue reading

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echo me a frozen moon

… the giggle-spring journey of her returning was a shadow-spilled whispercue curled around a ghostballoon bubble-grin moon. she drizzles us still in cloudsparks, leaves dawn openjarred to breathe dark-dance breeze; lull trees to shimmermelt green. we scar slow, echo twist … Continue reading

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