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Breathing it in, holding it all

… It was quiet when we started, the sky a scrim of something we might swim through, deem true and real and lasting. We’ve fastened ourselves in, (full and upright positions), contents shifted. Sifted like sand through these tired hands. … Continue reading

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scribbling her in full

.. the moon’s a jellyfish, tentacled in stars , a po(e)t of ice jam, waiting to be spooned.     twiglets #41.     

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more than blue

… call her ish {mael}, tired of waiting,de -bating breath and sigh -lence. call her boneless courage, be -friended skin, beginning of sacred sky. squall her a storm, some salt she might shed, a day she might dread turned to … Continue reading

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Err, Apparent

… She is holding an un -quiet dragon under her skin, the line -age of whom can be traced back many moons, monsoons and slow gulf stream storms. She has mumbled and fum -bled her way into some smallish spaces … Continue reading

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she says

… you can’t blame the cloud for smudging the sky just because it is raining. … twiglet #29.     

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… She’s wearing her blue dress, the best one she owns and she knows it’s still not good enough but it’s all she’s got – that and a smile. And the man asks how to spell her name, and it … Continue reading

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The Passing of Those Ten

The heart is a treacherous thing. …………….– The Huntsman: Winter’s War   .. She gave everything she was to a man with bruised hands and eyes the color of Mississippi mud.   .. twiglets #27.   

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