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meanwhile the moon 

fancies herself a flowerin a field of star -seeds, (growing)                 glowingfrom the soil of sky.  ::

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Good Friday

(Guest Poet Justin Jackson) This as written by my incredibly talented hubby quite a few years back, for our church. Performed by spoken word artist Propaganda.

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Watch her land and stand watch. Catch her spare spangled scales as they fall. Hear her talons scritch, the roared hitch in her song.  She’ll cover you in veiny wingsthe smoky ink of starry breaththe embered scent of sky. She’ll warm you, warn you. Teach you … Continue reading

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when the world’s gone mad {again}, but wildflowers still rise

parched , we stretch our palms in prayer, in praise and raise (our kids, our roofs, our voices) into something hopefulmore, some ivory starplace restored, astark white sky-scribbled in clouds.  we scratch soul algorithms into trees,some fragment faith some papered hum.  :: It’s Quadrille Monday over at … Continue reading

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of the earth

and all its glories,  our storiesand our songs  the ways we Braille our way to shinein (fallen) followed stars the days we know that all of this is ours, so seize the daze  and whim the wave  and spill our salt.  :: It’s Quadrille Monday over at dVerse, and I’m … Continue reading

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this poem is the alpha(dog-gerel) -bet against the house, the unquiet mouse(or wheel) who squeaks first.  at worst, it’s a squawk -stab in the dark, a tent-ative spark to start something new. a cool blue sky awaiting scribble.  wiggle it a little. giggle to the moon, she’ll swoon you … Continue reading

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Happily Ever 

After the rain (before the moon), they hum their free-dom tunes to a storied sky.  The world whirls by with a royal flair, but they’rejust happy to behere with the trees.   ::In November, we poem.

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Breaking Point 

They’ve gone wild(these wayward princesses),bored of bibbidi-bobbidi boo,tired of titles and weary of woo.  They’ve decided to break it all down lose the shoes and crack their crowns into a mosaic of glitterglee.  See? The world shines better broken. Spoken. Free. ::It’s Quadrille Monday over at dVerse … Continue reading

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Dragon Dance Remix 

{Abbreviated version, with happyness hangover}  Crown hula hoops spun. Dragon hearts won(wrangled, spangled).  Howling’s begunwith freedom sung(bare feet, loose lungs).   Sipping happy tea,steeped in glee (whiles, smiles).  :: Day 27.

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this poem is the snailish one,the long slow hum of something not yet said.  it’s not quite ready for prime time, in fact some of its syllables are still in bed.  ::Catching up. Day 28.

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