Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut


Moon snickers. She’s got
a secret, a milky
way of char-
stone chewing up this
dark sky. She’s all butter
-fingers and mounds of moonbeam
twix(t) the 3
musketeers sneers
of Orion’s belt notch trio.

It’s pay day somewhere
up there
on Mars;
(good)bar’s open
to suggestions,
and the 5thavenue
shopping window
……-spray of crackled stars.


Not goin’ anywhere for awhile? You’re gonna wanna lay a finger on this prompt – Lil’s over at dVerse Poetics. 🙂



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dawns the day, and so we lace our shoes

run one. just one. and when you’re
done, may
run another one. perhaps a
half. another step. another breath.
another sidewalk slap-hum,
another strum of heart,
another start

another way of leaving,
receiving sunrise hope




Twiglets #76, after an encounter with some baby quail this morning. 


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Hesitations of the Dawn

We forget her scar
-let dress is just for
early risin’, surprisin’
us with all its crimson
silk applause.

take a second
and book a table
for two
near the horizon.


Prompted by Poetic Asides


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language lessons


i am still
studiously listening
to the stutter of trees, the Braille
of breeze, and the way these
feathered things might sway
their song.

that moon,
she’s a teacher.
a preacher.
a reacher of stars.
a quiet far
-off place to etch
the hieroglyphics of
the heart.

i am also contemplating
(cogitating, slow
the algorithms of this
shy shade, and the ways
it’s made me sane.

i’ve even tried ocean
-ease on for size.

and here is what I’ve decided:
we are all just empty
waiting for fire


It’s been awhile since I did a prompt mashup. Couldn’t resist today’s Twiglet (#75), and Mish’s prompt over at dVerse Poetics. Come play! 



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this wor(l)d
wants to be
a thou
-sand poems.



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muddling puddles


my galoshes are sloshed.
i’m gonna need a bum
to keep my willy-nilly birthday
suit(e) saved unscathed
from all this mud
-(d)led muck.

the sun’s come out again.
i miss the stuck-struck spill
of my jelly-belly wellies filling
with rhymin’ writhin’ writin’

This word wants to be a thousand poems. Come play with me at dVerse



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Utter a Muddle


S(p)ring a silly song, be-fuddle
me a muddy-muse,
so we can s(t)ring along.

Cuddleme a cloud-phrase,
huddleup in hiccup-daze;
hunkerdown in puddle-praise,
zipcrunchleap a poem.

Fa-La-La a lullaby(e), fall
into a murmured sky. Ink.
Don’t think. And don’t ask why.

…………..Garble grace in stones.


A second offering for my dVerse Quadrille prompt today. Some definite hyphen abuse happening here. This is The One With Some of The Words. 😉 





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