abbreviated weather report

{with apologies to Mr. Sandburg}

with a chance



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Seeing Red (Dear William)


I may
(or may not)

still be
(so much)

glazed with

it all

prompted by poetic asides, and in response to:


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{magnetic}poetry on the sky

screenshot-2016-10-19-12-24-43play magnetic poetry here

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scene, in passing


tack me
up. for sale.
wanted. lost

dog or cat
or heart. start
a new business. ad.
venture. call me

in big, bold
bright letters.



also prompted by poetic asides

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This Is Just For William

I am
plum out
of patience

Forgive me
for being
so blunt
and so cold


Prompted by poetic asides, and in response to:

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hold the phone


can you hear me? ask the moon
(she sighed)
and she’ll show you her darker
side, the way she’s come to know
the seas.
she sees

all, you (k)now: the way we
steal a moment, weigh the sky,
owe ourselves the sum of some
-thing greater than all this
skin. the daze of stars. no,

perhaps it is their wishes
as they’re trailing by.

there: see?
one silent, sparkling good
-bye. one
fading holy moment
too fleeting to remind us
(wholly to be fools)

seize the days,
know we’ve won.


Over at dVerse Poetics today, Lill has us pondering homophones.
(I have snuck 12 of them in here, one’s a 3-fer. Can you find them?)
Please note: “wholly to be fools” is a variation of a line from E.E. Cummings’ poem “since feeling is first.” 


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concrete breath



play magnetic poetry here

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