Scattered Skies and Lies

(a Fib)


my salt.
Not my fault
you found my cloudy
core. Now that everything has fall
-en from above, how can we love these silver linings?
There’s a cold front moving in here
and one thing is clear:
the end of
this storm



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Dive Loss, A Post Pal


Neater safe root, ruse is:
dove loose, pose to plea.
(Was carted by love, all knot.)
Oath per no coo: if door keens, soot.

Hey, look! My name! Deaf, through claim –
nose fob. Salt rock, ship,
Net rim, rook,
ably say ma met our clue.

Hex goons. Bet dove, lee, sue.
Post peel one thou, Sir.
                ………….(Run, Ovid!)

Mint noise has no tea. Craved
by some, and stirs no caster.
Too wise from door
and 100,000 yours.


……….Whine no norms.


Followed Margo over to Oulipost for some Homoconsonantism fun. What is it? Click and see. ;) Source article here.





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Broken Clouds


She swallows storms.

We watch the blue horizon
as the sky begins its scrum.

Brave the wind, stay.
…………….Buy umbrellas.


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Things We Ask of the Sky


Stars, as legion
as the wishes of the heart,
unstable in their knowing.

to wake our very souls,
remind us there are bigger
sounds than this skipped beat.

and other fragile things
……that re-shape, stretch
…………..and disappear.

that we may breathe

Cold, bold enough to match
……….our own bright salt.


Written for Poetic Asides, Day 18.

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(Hey baby, what’s your sign?)


She barely scrapes the cusp
of Whirlygiggle, but she’s full-fledged
Flibbertigibbet to the core. Count the
infernal vernal beats of her moon side,
and you’ll find she’s also got a tine or
two of Curmudgeon. Her celestial
Bumfuzzle phase was brief, but
significant to the solidity of her
Daisychain core. Her ecliptic
coordinates have JoyJouster
tendencies, but the third house
usually prevails.

Sage advice from Saturn’s center:
Buy her time,
not flowers.



I am seriously having so much fun with Quickly’s prompts. Won’t you join me?

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ink master


tattoo artists
mouth wide open, packing
human canvas


Followed Margo over to Oulipost for some “Haikuisation.”
Original article here, from today’s Sun.




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An 80’s Girl Longs for Time Machine

Remember the Go-Go’s
and other pre-Madonnas?
Long before sweet Miss
Montana went all Miley on us?

Things went in more than One
Direction when there were some
good Men
At Work-ing, and don’t
we all wish we could un
-hear the word twerking?

Wendy Williams and Sharon
Osbourne always have
something to say, and
how many Kardashians
are there, anyway?

There are too many
channels, and
even the phrases are
foreign. C’mon now,
isn’t ‘reality TV’ an

The A-list is confusing, and
some names don’t ring a bell.
The others – are they actors
or directors? Really,
who can tell?
Maybe what they all really
want is a singing career.
(Can I get a Rebel Yell?)

I want my M-TV
back, the one that just played
some tunes.
Okay, Robert Downy, Jr.
still kind of makes me
but otherwise,
why can’t we just pop culture
…………like a balloon?



Written for Poetic Asides, Day 17.



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