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Punnett Squares & Open Chairs

They’ve got redheads and green-eyed …………….(monsters) brothers and sisters with curly and some with straight, and at this rate the world may never know who’s who or how it all (dominant, recessive, genotype, phenotype, heterozygous) came together , but when … Continue reading


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Refresher Courses

.. Today, we will be reacquainting ourselves with the logarithms of this breeze, the angles of these trees and the squint of sunray-slant, perpendicular in the sky. Parlez vous francais? Me, neither. But the way the lavender is calling and … Continue reading

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In Praise of Phrase

.. This poem is the syllables of my hot-mess heart, the spilling of my song. She aches for Lake and salt and sand and sunrise and a full fat moon. This poem tip-toes on her un -ambic feet, dangles part … Continue reading

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The Alchemy of Absinthe

We embrace all allies (close), and align our enemies (closer). Maybe it makes the heart grow fonder? And shall we wander straight up, fall far for stars and call our sacred selves astronomically saved? Shall the day crave aspen song … Continue reading

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