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Study Hall & -Otes 

We’ve both got Biology homework and so we start there and Mr. G. is in charge of all us derelicts today any-way so if we have any questions, he’s here.  (Although he’s the one who always says “Better to keep your mouth closed and remaina fool … Continue reading

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I Shall Not Math 

Not to be negative, but I’d rather take a bath in acid than account for decimals or denominations.  I shall not dance to algorithms.  No chance.  I shall avoid all metrics, angles and degrees in equal measure.  I shall not solve for Xunless it’s digging for treasure.  You … Continue reading

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Algebra 2

She could use …….(more than) a little help with the equations, and he’s got these eyes that say complex numb -ers are ok ……………..(slope) and other factors come into play. {It’s complicated.}   .. In November, we poem. 

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