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I Shall Not Math 

Not to be negative, but I’d rather take a bath in acid than account for decimals or denominations.  I shall not dance to algorithms.  No chance.  I shall avoid all metrics, angles and degrees in equal measure.  I shall not solve for Xunless it’s digging for treasure.  You … Continue reading

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language lessons

.. i am still studiously listening to the stutter of trees, the Braille of breeze, and the way these feathered things might sway their song. that moon, she’s a teacher. a preacher. a reacher of stars. a quiet far -off … Continue reading

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let’s find the value of x

.. cross it out. see? that lost dream, that tattered seam sky. there’s a -nother why we’ve tossed aside. got an eraser? you’ll find its dust can thrust the worst from will and whim and wander. ponder this: some algorithm … Continue reading

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