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He’s got a big ol’ watch and (apparently) some kind of (very important) date. We don’t know what (we’re all mad here.)  Frankly, he’s quite frantic and perhaps it’s pedantic, but we’d really like to help the poor fella hop along.  We’d ask Alice, but she’s currently wee, and Tweedle Dum and … Continue reading

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White Rabbits

She’s seeing them again (she’s late, so late) and questioning her sanity and her size.  Drink me, shrink me calls the brew(she’s late, so late) and there are two (tweedle) twins to ponder.  She wonders what the Queen of Hearts will say when she sees these tears.  No matter, … Continue reading

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Alice in (Daisy) Chains {Again}

Does the rabbit love her? (The Queen of Hearts does not.)  If she drinks the “drink me” will her heart get caught  up in all this wonder? Will she be late, so late, for a date  with destiny? Will she shrink in her own skin, … Continue reading

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.. there are dragons, of course and some of them are wearing tutus and striped socks (because who can control these things?) and one sings acapella showtunes and shrugs feather-boa’d scaled shoulders at the world and you and you and … Continue reading

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ask alice

.. if her smile’s gone all slant -like, or cheshire or shrink me-mad or silent. if the violence of the fall …..was worth it all, or if she’d rather go back for good, …..if she even could. ask her if … Continue reading

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What Say Ye?

We entertain the mad. They whisper. – from “Tea Ceremony” by G.C. Waldrep .. Drink me …….(shrink me) down to nothing -ness, the best guess bliss of stirred honey, quiet leaves left.   Think me ……(blink me) sane, in small stages … Continue reading

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