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Leaving Their Shoes Behind

  There’s a pile of pumps at the peaceful passage leading to Wildling Wood.  They’ve kicked (off) up their heels and wielded their swords and let all that hair (golden and otherwise)down and traded their pointy crowns for flowers.  Now, they spend hours bare-foot loose and fancy -free, having also … Continue reading


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Sevenling (Evening the Score)

:: Evening the score the playing field our un-fisted, twisted hands, we stand in awe of sky of star-sparked why of poker-faced moon.  In the end, odds are, we’re even.  ::

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Sunset in Wildling Wood

They gather in their daisy-chain crowns and their mudlucious feetto drink in that golden stone falling.  They clasp hands and stand with faces draped in tangerine glowkissed only by a tower of shine.  They sigh. That feisty moon rises. And the shenanigans begin. 

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I have followed you all in here and now I don’t know what to do with my hands.

{wallflower warblings}  Cocktail hour has begun at sun -set and I have yet to say a word.  The introvert in me just wants to flee but the exit’s far and my  RSVP said yes. (Oh, why did I say yes?) So I guess I’ll just … Continue reading

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bimbles and bits

it’s all about (that base) a foundation of words tum-bled in, syllables set on spin cycle and (believing in dragons and magic),wander whim’d into something new.  let’s make a fine poem stew of all those blank titles and tried and true prompt-and-circumstance introductory active first thoughts. no ekphrastic, … Continue reading

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The Princesses UnQuit

:: But only for an afternoon, so they can try on pretty shoes.  ::

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Everything but the Kitchen Sink

I think I’ll start in Wildling Wood, believing in magic and creaky swings.  Here there be dragons, and wander worlds and infinite blanks and daisy chains.  And then (thought caught), I’ll ponder over rum-bled phrase, how many princesses chickens rumpled names it takes to start a revolution (late).Silly goose. We’ll switch giggles … Continue reading

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Believing in Magic

It’s easy, here in Wildling Wood,where the moon casts her nightly spell. She tells  the sky just how to brew and spill its starry secrets.  The flowers bow and curtsy to the passing breeze, a whimsy’d waltz.  Dragons dance with nymphsand every soul gets a second … Continue reading

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here there be dragons

we be -lieve in them, of course as we have seen them withour own eyes.  their embered breath,spiking the sky.  their spangled skin, tangled in scars.  imagine our delight to find they’re on our side,joining our nightly fire-dance, and teaching                                         us                                                  to                                                                          fly.  ::PAD, day 27.

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Infinite, by Guest Poet Abby Jackson

“In this moment…I swear…we are infinite.” – The Perks of Being a Wallflower  This was supposed to be our infinite Our one final cheerOur infinite, imperfect, imbalanced, senior yearInfectedImpededImbalancedUnclearImprisoned, robbed of our last souvenir Enclosed by all of these in, im’s, and … Continue reading

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