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The Art of Going West toward Ottawa with a Complete Forgery of Vermeer’s ‘The Little Street’ in Our Trunk, After the Rain Stops Once Again

{for Grandma Moses} . Don’t stop when we get to the border, no matter how shaken , stirred we are by this heisted hum. Don’t mourn that moon behind us, or this star-scarred sky, or that sinister shade of blue. … Continue reading

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Driftwood Beach Turtle

driftwood beach turtle, by Zack Jackson  … The Lake has tumbled your pieces smooth, grooved and waiting for artist’s hands to ask wordless questions. He gathers. Squints. Sees a body, a head, a swell of shell. Assembles. Pebbled sand greets … Continue reading

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Holding Demons at Bay with Her Left Hand

detail from Shelle Kennedy’s “Madonna of the Flowers” find Shelle on her blog, Etsy shop, and Facebook Her right one’s busy, juggling responsibility and freedom; song and silence, keyboard and keys. Counting toes and syllables. Keeping one eye closed so … Continue reading

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alternate realities

.. the moon’s a balloon full of pretty people, sliding faces st(r)ung by stars. the sun’s the one we painted that day we had orange joy to spare.   .. Written for Toads.     

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