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Busy as a bee{sting}

.. Pooh’s got a red balloon and a hankering for honey like nobody’s business. Be a cloud be a cloud be a cloud he saids (thinkthinkthink) but we all know some -times the ground’s closer than we …………..(think) hope. And … Continue reading

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Paradise Ave

.. There’s a lady on the corner holding court with garbage rats and silence. Sometimes, she sings. This little light and the fight song from her alma mater. Most times, she listens; this broken breeze ballooning her sleeves as if … Continue reading

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(a double tanka of) helium .. her mama gave her a balloon with Mickey ears. no hesitation, (fly!) she let go of the string and giggled it to the clouds. forty years later, with a full inflated heart, tired empty … Continue reading

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