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in the in between 

when both the sun and moon grace the same gold sky,i too am both erased and a bold new light rising.  :: In November, we poem. Today is day 4.

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the last of it

there’s a crescent of hope in the sky that says we are for each other, even as we crumble. even as we fall. even as we leave ……..pieces of ourselves behind. still, …..small, we shine. the ……{not quite gibbous} gist … Continue reading

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the scribbler who scrambled her words

.. this poem has egg on her face, a trace of pent ………….(up anger) -ameter under her skin. she’ll assemble her sent -ences in some semblance of sway, but no way is she going to make them march ……….(or april, … Continue reading

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-force winds knock us loose from our moorings  and we wander (wonder) in the waves awhile, forsaking the dawn. The song. The way our wings want to angle toward the sun. The fray of feathers that no longer fly. There’s … Continue reading

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I Want Blank Pages

, and periwinkle chalk, and indigo ink that stains my skin. Slips of trees waiting. Sea. Sky. Sand and salt and wide-spilled stars. Shine. Black clacked, plowed through a snowstorm of white. The peace of another sunrise, and time ………………………………….to … Continue reading

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Once Upon a Blanket

.. , the gummy bears had their picnic (curried salmon sandwiches and iced tea.) They danced, entranced by the marching of ants, and then ate each other, happily.   . prompted by poetic asides, november chapbook challenge, day 4.   

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