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Still Pondering Crows

.. She knows there are other things to pause and poem (the light in that window there, the flapping rooster man on the corner, the whisper of snails) , but she cannot seem to get past the ebony apostrophes of … Continue reading

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Sum Her Up Like This

.. : Some brilliant Blue, soft shirring of breeze. Shade trees. Sand. Inky fingers and salty toes. White pages, fluttering. Waiting. Birdsong. Pine. One wordsong at a time, and a million thoughts to in …-di ……..-go. .. Prompted by Miz … Continue reading

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Mermaids Don’t Wear Pants

… If (perchance) you see her just out and about flouting the fin -ality of all, the spin and swim of be -ginnings and blendings, do not be amazed dis/Mayed or chaos-crazed by her bare and intricate deep, the quiet … Continue reading

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Lake of the Sky

Step in and begin to know Blue. A healing hue infused with wave and breeze and pine. Stay awhile and maybe she’ll don her crimson dress, put on her sunset best for your evening pleasure. Bring your wine to the … Continue reading

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Urges, in Blue

  She splurges on the turquoise sky, the cerulean breeze and the gossip-talk of trees that know this Lake fairly aches with everything she needs. She seeds herself in skysong, silence, wild defiant sighs and smiles that just might outlast … Continue reading

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Reading about Dallas while sitting on a breezy deck in Tahoe

… How is it even possible that the same world that holds this generous spill of blue, the whisper of aspens, also contains the spew of such hatred, the spilling of blood, the scream of gunfire and death? We hold … Continue reading

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Bipolar Sky

.. Make up your mind, woman. Indigo silk dress, or syringed star scars. You get to decide both color (blue rasp -berry cotton candy, ink stain, ebony charcoal curmudgeon smudge) and texture (wisp, willow tree, wallow). You wave your birdless … Continue reading

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