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Mr. Midnight and Mrs. Moon

.. He’s got her swooning again, dipping her toes in horizon dark, slow disappearing and playing her part in this star-stung waltz. He’s got her waning again, making less of her -self by degrees, crescent -cutting tangled trees and startled … Continue reading

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Waking softly, slowly

Every day’s the first day of something or other, so we remember the blue. And the blues. The used toothpaste tube. The scent of rain, fading. The crumbling of time. And the way this sly sky holds court with tree … Continue reading

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run two: tues

lungs still have the blues, …………but, oh that blushing sky as the world whirls by.   ..

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a mishmash of blues

.. indigo done left me again, stranded on shifting sands. the world’s gone all gray tones again, sifted through empty hands. turquoise beat has done me wrong, imprinted on my heart. midnight’s spilled her way to sky, abandoned us from … Continue reading

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a thousand shards of cobalt glass

(singing her blues) .. she is all in -digo skin and turquoise streak, stitched denim in her wanting. her Lake ache is strong, but she belongs here, steeped in this desert sky. do you feel the tremble of her veins? … Continue reading

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Smiling in Shades of Blue

….. The sky’s got a twinkle in her ………………(star-struck) eyes, a certain slant of moon sliver holding midnight court with breeze. These trees have got some secrets and they ……………….(wind-whisper) in leafy tongues some song we’ve seldom sung, to make … Continue reading

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Local Color

.. Fling green everywhere you go and throw a little in digo in, too. Azure tide, alpine blue, free spirit; let’s gather-spatter wandering willow, fancy flirt, frag -rant cloves. Dunk your hungry hands in and finger-paint this sky in all … Continue reading

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Bay Street Blues

. Play me some pretty ditty, spilling out of the café on the corner, chased by laughter. Watch as my last cigarette burns to dust. I’ve been standing here for hours and not a soul has seen me. Stars have … Continue reading

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