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Dry Spell

The moon’s got a river of promise running through her milky skin, a vein of waning soul. I’ve got a fallen-scar wish that says she’s willing to die for that ocean. And really, aren’t we all just bodies of water … Continue reading

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Cliff’s Notes Left in Wayward Drawers

.. Do you think we have finally held them long enough – these tangled things, our breaths, our hands? I’ll scribble you a sunrise if you’ll loan me one small rhyme. Let’s sell this sky for cobalt scrap; swallow dry … Continue reading

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Not taking into account that cold bone moon

, we walked those paths and chattered on of years and tears and everything and nothing and every -thing in between, amid those ancient rising oaks and gravestones white as teeth.   … twiglet #96.   

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Ska Sky

  .. Staccato stars ………play …………….hide …and ………seek …..through cloud trumpets ….playing a trom ……..-bone moon.     .. Prompted by Poetic Asides.    ..      

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… There’s a lost sock again, and I am beginning to think there are elves in my dryer, off somewhere now having a Sock Hop. Once upon a time I folded tiny socks, onesies, bibs. Today I dump baby moose-sized … Continue reading

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