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barefoot and be-longing

, she talks to frogs and speaks the braille of trees, fills her hands with the wispy ghosts of clouds and sings out loud in cobalt blue and pine-pressed green. these things, they save her. they steep her deep in … Continue reading

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They speak in fiery tongues and burning Braille breath, the taloned syllables of sky. Sanskrit scales and trails of scarlet smoke. We listen with our outstretched hands, our hearts, our will and whim and why, and wonder how long be … Continue reading

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A song of the stairway

(an invisible poem in the key of C) .. This poem cannot be seen, only sounded out one syll a bull at a time, sung in the key of clouds and candy-caress sighs. She’s wise in the ways of spirals, … Continue reading

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Doubting the Stars

(a partially found poem from Hamlet) .. “By indirections find directions out” – Hamlet .. If true north be fire, or moving sun, truth a liar that slings arrows and out -rageous fortune, is there method, madness ……..any where? If … Continue reading


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