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A Sonnet for My Blue

.. Maybe the moon and the waves on the lake will swim with us under the stars. Oh, that I might just let go of the ache that plagues me when wishing for more. The woo of this Blue bids … Continue reading

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Lake of the Sky

.. When you slip on ……..your cobalt best, …………..I find myself on your shore. There are small kingdoms ……..here, sandcastles of …………..my own small making. Do you see the geese ripple ……..your surface? They etch …………..a new language – I … Continue reading

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blue, by You

.. grace is the face of golden sky of places where Lake greets land in a stony kiss, where bliss is breathing believing in indigo spill and that sacred will win over all. it’s the graffiti-etched awe of driftwood scarred … Continue reading

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Breath of Blue

Fill your lungs (heart, mind, soul) with all this indigo spill, with this sacred quill of cloudy sky. Breathe it in (and in and out again) with thankful grin on shadowed shore. Pocket some midnight scrim for later. Be still. … Continue reading

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Mermaids Don’t Wear Pants

… If (perchance) you see her just out and about flouting the fin -ality of all, the spin and swim of be -ginnings and blendings, do not be amazed dis/Mayed or chaos-crazed by her bare and intricate deep, the quiet … Continue reading

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Lake of the Sky

Step in and begin to know Blue. A healing hue infused with wave and breeze and pine. Stay awhile and maybe she’ll don her crimson dress, put on her sunset best for your evening pleasure. Bring your wine to the … Continue reading

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Urges, in Blue

  She splurges on the turquoise sky, the cerulean breeze and the gossip-talk of trees that know this Lake fairly aches with everything she needs. She seeds herself in skysong, silence, wild defiant sighs and smiles that just might outlast … Continue reading

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Smiling in Shades of Blue

….. The sky’s got a twinkle in her ………………(star-struck) eyes, a certain slant of moon sliver holding midnight court with breeze. These trees have got some secrets and they ……………….(wind-whisper) in leafy tongues some song we’ve seldom sung, to make … Continue reading

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summer stone song

Another offering for the Quadrille over at dVerse. Play magnetic poetry here. 

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Breathing Blue & Palming Psalms

Give her a Lake, some aching shade of blue. A place to glue her eyes to the horizon, and wait for the sun to meet her equilibrium gaze. Bare feet. A quiet sheet of white, waiting for song. A long … Continue reading

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