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Battle of Bridges, and Sighs

Most days, we don’t know which ones to cross and which ones …….(senses, secrets, songs) to burn. So we paint them, portraits of our own in -decision, steel and solid basket cases of our wandering hearts. We run our hungry … Continue reading

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the sound of small doors closing

the earth’s got a million walls, a thousand places to mime yourself shut, a live person crammed into a small in -visible box. what of bridges? trellised places we might climb and rhyme and stand                  (together) to gather our songs. … Continue reading

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A Confluence of Sidewalks

. I know nothing of burning, crossings, suspension. Only the bend of elbow crook, that thieving curve that stole me from myself, that long long shelf of …..(shifting sand) land that leads to sea, the inner ear place that tries … Continue reading

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the bridge of a thousand sighs

.. one step forward, two steps back (it’s a cha-cha-cha, really) and we smile anyway and graffiti our gratitude on broken planks. the world is leaking in, sneaking up and filling cups with all manner of bitterness and dis -traction. … Continue reading

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Cross my heart

… with kisses, stitches, tiny bridges made of clay. trek across these broken places. wear comfortable shoes and fast -en your seatbelt. pinky-swear on your mother’s name, the sins of your father, your own small sword. leave the light on … Continue reading

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