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Another Broken Song

… See, this one’s letting a little light in through the   c   r   a   c   k   s, taking back some of its former vows of silence. Slice it quite thin, layer in some amber sky ; you just might find … Continue reading

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Broken-Winged Aubade

.. See the raven, black against night’s last indigo blush, one lone smudged note waiting on a wire. The sinking moon’s an echoed ache of loss and longing; the sky’s a broken song.     .. November PAD, day 5.  … Continue reading

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delicious decay

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The Craft of Poeming

.. See, here’s the thing: we’re free to line the words up all just so, or to s ………p …………..i ……….l ……………….l them wherever they want to go (they’ve got legs of their own, you know.) We may leave them … Continue reading


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The last thing that you said as you were leaving

was that I was not enough. As if what we are can be quantified, cogitated into any semblance of syllables that might make sense under a broken microscope. I may have spent these torn years not knowing what I am, … Continue reading

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my sigh, the broken strum

. my strings are no longer . ………………attached. . run your fingers along their corrugated edges and try to find my song. it’s a lost drum -line, a lumbering of the bones, a long slow rift in a smoky blues … Continue reading

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(a Fib) . oh, you had dibs on my heart until you dubbed it a fool, unspooled its soft edges into this black sky. confession: broken can fly.     ..

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Finding Forgiveness in a Falling World

… We wish upon these stars and whisper our darkest selves to sky, try to stretch the truth over haunted hollow bones. We stone others in the city streets for things we’ve known; paint A’s in bright scarlet, for -getting … Continue reading

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Sleight of Hand

… Presto, change –Oh, I see. That ring on your finger isn’t the beginning of us. It’s the end of me.   .    

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.. grief, I had not missed you. your coming like a freight train to the chest in the dark, sparks flying. your saltwater searing dive into the depths of ebony pit, silence. your departure: a long slow flight, canceled and … Continue reading

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