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the first stone

Sometimes, I guess there just aren’t enough rocks. – Forrest Gump  thrown, it stings and things may never (ever) be the same.  held, it burns and turns over in your (angry, hungry)hand.  buried, it still carries all that (wait…wait…)weight.  dropped, it stops.               (plop.) ponders heart. embraces grace.   PAD Challenge day 5.

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Writing in Dust

She stood {still}, silenced by their judgment, His grace. They dropped their stones because he bade them cast the first.   . twiglet #63. Inspired by the story of a woman from John 8 of the Bible.   

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Politicked off

{a pity party}    ..… There’s no debating: just a bunch of persuading, degrading berating lie-trading evading and unbraiding of truth. They’re casting stones from golden thrones and I just find it all too absurd. I’ll be casting my cares … Continue reading

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Dragon (e)Scape

.. Fire has brought her to the brim (stone) end of the sky, the mar -bled place where why no longer matters. Scatter her scales, they weigh nothing, anyway; the frailty of her un -checked skin, a song. She wants, … Continue reading

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