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All This Poem Ain’t 

That red, red flower (or wheelbarrow in the rain) , not summer’s day or counting of ways.  Not thicker or thinner (or seldom or frequent) – not depth, or breadth, or height.  Not fire.  Nor air and angels,nor east. Nor sun. Not cloudless climb or starry skies.  And though … Continue reading

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anyone’s any was all to her

and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart:  when you sing in your whisky voice when the world is mud-luscious, the little bird by snow and stir by stillwhen the world is puddle-wonderful he sang his didn’t he danced his did. … Continue reading

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Feeling fractured, not quite full

(A praised day found) . Please forgive me for the song that loops around us now, this quiet separation from the ……….stars. We raise our tiny voices to the sky – doodler of dragons, an unsolvable equation of puberty and … Continue reading

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Veritas (in)Vertebrae

(Still Mostly True)   .. B is for Bull -dozer, bird by bird, the rules of the red rubber ball, and writing down the bones. Something like magic, orbiting the giant hairball means you belong ……………….to me. Teach me sandscript, … Continue reading

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Braiding her own names into a strange new song

.. As the day takes its final breath, Persephone puts on pants, quirky girl under a paper doll moon, sleepwalking through slivers of limbs, and liquid skin. (We are) string theory sugar spun star sisters shouting yes to no one … Continue reading

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.. (I am becoming) something other than skin and bone, a lone street -light in the darkness, a lost love found by moonglow. I am be -coming a re arranging of lines, a fine point widened by the fluidity of … Continue reading

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