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Cinderella Smells a Rat 

So, the clock strikes midnight and that’s the end of it?  The mice turn back,a lost shoe? (The damned things were killing her feet, anyway.)  Listen, Pumpkin:after all that, if he only recognizes you by size (aching feet or otherwise), maybe it’s time to for you to steal a real horse and shoo,before … Continue reading

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How Many Princesses Does It Take to Start a Revolution?

Cinder goes by Ella now,and she and Belle agreethat if they can get Snow to show the magic number’s 3.  Might a quartet be better? that trio does suppose,so once she’s had a tiny napthey wake up Briar Rose.  Why not five? … Continue reading

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Midnight on the Steps at the Ball

She’s due to throw a shoe,  but she’s thinking about saying (bibbidi bobbidi)boo to the whole thing, and just making a fine pumpkin stew.  :: PAD, day 23.

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Slipper Story

Cinderella (dressed in yella, or maybe princess baby blue) is oh-my-gourd tired of all this bibbidi bobbidi boo -sheet nonsense of waiting for her (someday) prince to come.  She isn’t made of glow or glass, and you can bet your (ask the fairy godmother) broom she’s got more than chores and … Continue reading

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banished from the castle

  . She’s the giggle at a funeral. ………..– from “Take Me to Church,” by Hozier … she’s been flung outside again to think on it, consider her royal calling, the grace from which she’s forever falling. she of dirty … Continue reading

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cutting off your hair (and other unconventional uses for a sword)

. nobody knows she feels small in the wee hours of the morning, watching the moon fade in this world of magic mirrors and tower cages and identities tied to golden tresses long enough to climb. nobody asked her if … Continue reading

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