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After the Rain

You say you want to go into the city to see the lights and I’m all about that smile, and so I say yes, and we are on our way with nothing between us but the sway of the radio’s … Continue reading

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contrary concrete

.. there’s art on her way into the city. also, an ex -pletive or two. she likes to count the letter Zs. see how many she can catch before the buildings scrape the sky. there’s a guy on the last … Continue reading

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Urban Scrawl

… This electri -city ink just keeps spreading like a Rorschach test, a quest for things held tight to chest to leak out, speak out in a shout that just might drown these sun-hungry streets. Meet me at the corner, … Continue reading

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The One Where Her Antediluvian Phase Comes to an End

Amazing photo courtesy of Gabriella at dVerse. .. It’s a lonely place, this skin. We have gathered ourselves in small puddles, quiet drops. We’ve got no place else to go, but the trenches of these city streets. I have reached … Continue reading

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