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Paper, White

  This place, a lake. I see myself. I float my words. I plow black through silent snow and wait for echo.   .. Cool prompt over at Poets United. Come play. 

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I Want Blank Pages

, and periwinkle chalk, and indigo ink that stains my skin. Slips of trees waiting. Sea. Sky. Sand and salt and wide-spilled stars. Shine. Black clacked, plowed through a snowstorm of white. The peace of another sunrise, and time ………………………………….to … Continue reading

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Power Lines

..   This poem is a live wire, a woven liar, a vowed lyre with a broken string. It’s a filament of sigh and song, a quiet longing sizzling across the miles. It’s a caffeine-keyed up smile, clacked black against … Continue reading

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she of April

.. breathes in syllables, clacks black to paper snow. pens poems, cleans nothing.   ..

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Aspect Ratio {Serious Hungry}

.. Hands, pen (sieve)-clasped, we keep ourselves serious, black clacked, fingertip touch of sane. This inky work is nourish -ment to able body to breathe, soul to grieve gloom.grim.gravity. groan.grin. ………….gray.play. From last stand to first sit, may we always … Continue reading

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