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Graffiti on a Broken Sky

  .. Paintbrush-hush (guilty, guileless) me a rebel heart, an unquiet start a whispered want and a place to hold my still long-fractured hope. Then soft (and sound and soon), steal me some long-lost wisp of cloud, harboring a sunrise … Continue reading

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this is not the day we wanted, but we’ll boogie on through

.. it’s a journey dance, (one grin forward, two lulls back) a knick-knack-patty -melt (big green splat!) of skip and shadow. a rose cloud spilling itself to breeze. it’s a jar the sky leaves open, as bubbles shimmer-twist pop (don’t … Continue reading

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swollen sky

… did we stutter? mutter clouded somethings to an angry stone? did I wish for this? blow fluff and bliss to breeze, release some semblanced song void of my self? did you go, or stay? these deluged days make heavy … Continue reading

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dragon’s breath

… pity her nothing, this unquiet puff of sky, this fiery tangerine cloud beast, pinned soft and savage least against her own bright cerulean skin. she has spun her self of steam and smoke and sigh -lence, unshrouded her eyes … Continue reading

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