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Come Again, and Soon

.. We woo that wild and wily moon, ask her to stay. Her visits are brilliant, short, and waning. We whine. Try to wine and dine her with burgundy clouds, ebony scrim. She turns in her dark dress, golden tresses … Continue reading

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Stranger than Dragons

A short-term effect an echo and a stranger’s hand – The Cure .. The clouds have teeth again, and the echo …………(echo, echo) of skin and talons on whale-sized bones. They breathe in great fire hands that reach for nothing … Continue reading

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This Sky’s Got Bruises, Scars

.. The clouds are playing rugby again, scrum-scumbled into teams, scrambling for their silver linings. Move along now; these primo seats are ours. You’re dreaming if you think there’s a winner. Nothing to see here but sleepy wayward sheep shadow-baying … Continue reading

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Camels, Eyes & Needles

… It’s hump day, and she’s gotta say the piling up challenges of this desert place are starting to make her crazy. She’s dotted all the i’s and crossed more than t’s and tried to please the masses and the … Continue reading

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sun run

i beat that wily guy up this morning, up and running {one…two…three} before he could take a peak, could tweak the sky into some scorched August rust. trust me, i’d rather sleep, but i just keep {swimming, swimming, swimming) pounding … Continue reading

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run three, with some glee

because 85 degrees at 10am in August is a gift, humidity or not. because the knots in her brain and heart and bod untangle best when her legs are flying. because sometimes crying isn’t an option, but sweating’s just as … Continue reading

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Err, Apparent

… She is holding an un -quiet dragon under her skin, the line -age of whom can be traced back many moons, monsoons and slow gulf stream storms. She has mumbled and fum -bled her way into some smallish spaces … Continue reading

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