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writing in stained glass faerie gardens

   the fragility of this place is not loston us, but for once we’ve tossed our fears aside to simply abide among the glint and glow.  our quills are sharp and true and you’ve still got some indigo blue set for spilling;it’s thrilling to thinkof … Continue reading

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Seven years after she makes her escape

,  all she remembers is blood -red wine in fragile glasses,  and empty plates the color of bone.   ::twiglet #225

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seeing red

the anger fades in lurid liquid shades of burgundymerlotsangria ,and the claret-y comes in wine and waves,saves us slowly sip by sip.  we slip our hands together in prayerand painand praise of slight squashed dreams and mangled grapes.  Linda’s got a great word for us over at dVerse … Continue reading

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When the sky is just the perfect shade of blue

,  ‘it’s the color of my wedding dress!’ she saysand he always fires back ‘periwinkle?’ and there’s a wink built right in and then she says ‘cornflower blue.’ and after 22 years it’s something            that never gets old, always new, this  laughter borrowed over blue.  :: written for poetic asides November … Continue reading

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i can’t imagine her wild

{mood ring: forgiveness, and other disasters} i. midnight-maroon, for her darkest hour swoon, her great craving for protest and anti -hate, war. ii. gun metal gray for her weary worn heart and its shaky veins, brave un -broken beat. iii. … Continue reading

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Grad(u)ations of Color, Light

.. We are still learning, yearning for some diploma -cy, some salutatorian sunrise promise. Hold this crimson close, that one in a vermillion horizon to heart; start asking all the right questions: Can I pocket this praise? Can I fill … Continue reading

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Struck by Macaw {W61.12}

.. I knew it when I tum -bled here into this jungle: life ain’t got an easy streak. Didya know the world ain’t flat? But that’s a misnomer cuz I’ve still got all this gray, today. Per -haps, on impact, … Continue reading

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Mermaid Soul

.. When it’s fin -ally time for her to go, just dip her ….. in ……….indigo.       . Prompted by OctPoWriMo, day 8. 

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.. Give us your poor, your proud, your purplest mountains and most amber shades of day. Give us your periwinkle, puce, your silver-gray, longing to be free, and framed. Brush my skin in 47 hues of brightest boldest mutest blue, … Continue reading

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pallid palette

  .. these wings could use some color be -yond the pale-pooled milky moon murmur of their own skin. let’s shade ourselves in indigo and jade, play up our verdant eyes and surprise the world in saffron ver -million splendor. … Continue reading

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