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Tilt-a-Whirl Girl

… The sky’s gone the color of cotton candy kissable lips and French twist bliss, and she is all but top of the Ferris wheel spun. Fun -house fallen, trick mirrors and ………………..all.   … Lill’s taking us for a … Continue reading


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The Invention of Days

… Was it His intention to push clouds around, {zebras, elephants, great ivory ships} slip light on through those cotton candy puffs, give us just enough voice choice power to hang ourselves on hope? This I know: there’s an Artist … Continue reading

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sugar, spun

.  she is flung, thread-thin and gossamer -gone. paint her rasp -berry bubble gum pink, drink her poured over ice, shaken slight, stirred twice.   .. A Twitter poem for Mama Zen’s Words Count prompt, a play it again toads.

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Cotton Candy Caravan of One

Good morning, slow and steady traveler with the tiny pink dot. Whatchoo got on your agenda today? A little grass tickling? Some sun-ray …………..breathing? Perhaps I will join you, (sweet) come what ……………May. …

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