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Murder of One 

There’s a lone crow on a power                                        (trip) line, squawking about somethingor other, and we’ve discovered there is nothing left to say.  Somehow, we are both here                (there, anywhere, nowhere) too lateand too soon.  Our only remaining evidence: this chalk outline                               moon.  :: It’s Quadrille Monday over at … Continue reading

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Rear Window

image here The crows are contemplating murder(again) , and I am their only witness.  ::

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small murder in the parking lot

awwww, sorry buddy, I say to the quite dead crow on my way into vons. he’s a black asphalt pancake now, but i wonder if aliver-him was there for spice, or salt. not his fault everything’s moving so fast. .. … Continue reading

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In Some Distant Cul de Sac

.. A crow caws its craving to a swollen sky. The house sings a scattered hallelujah, ……………….and sighs.     .. twiglet #22. 

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Communing with Crows

You try to tell yourself the things you try to tell yourself to make yourself forget. – Anna Begins, Counting Crows   … She gives herself a new story ………(beginning, ………….middle, …………………end) as they murder by, ebony apostrophes owning the … Continue reading

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Counting Chickens

.. Which came first? the small and fragile shell of an idea, or the bright sun broken open way it slayed the sky? The eye of the storm or its slightly off -kilter center? We’re more than crows in curious … Continue reading

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Still Pondering Crows

.. She knows there are other things to pause and poem (the light in that window there, the flapping rooster man on the corner, the whisper of snails) , but she cannot seem to get past the ebony apostrophes of … Continue reading

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suspended moment

(a leaky bit of moonlight)   under a dark-haired driven threadbare quilted sky, driven bursts of clawing breath and the muted cry of unglazed small -boned crows dreaming murder, death – muffled blooms and fretful sleep.   .. Cool visual … Continue reading

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Poetry is for the Birds

.. as are all things …of beauty, strength, mystery; all whisperings of murmuration and murder, all gatherings ………of trees and seed ….and song.     . Prompted by Poetic Asides November Chapbook Challenge, day 17. 

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